Revision is key!

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Your Future

Good morning!
This weekend get yourself organised by arranging your mind-maps in relation to your check list. If you have missed a mind-map, try catch up with a friend or ask your teacher for help.
The Grade Booster questions should help with both Morality & Justice and the Religion & Philosophical units.

Happy revising 🙂


Quote of the week

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Our S2 pupils have been working on their KKK poems in class. Pupils have created original pieces of work. Excellent job!!


S2 Rosa Parks Newspaper Headline

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Rosa Pic 2

Here are some wonderful examples of newspaper articles our S2 pupils have created during their MLK unit.

Why should we study RMPS?

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Belief Quote


RMPS allows you to look at moral and philosopical questions from a variety of perspectives.

For our N5 pupils and Higher pupils, these viewpoints are secular (Utilitarian) and religious (Christianity, Buddhism).

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Quote of the Week

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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X